Review: Hot Cross Buns

Review: Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

Calorie Count (approx): 2 buns with margarine at 190kcal each – 380kcal

Fullness Factor: 4/5

Time: 3 minutes

Price: 1 pack of 6 buns 50p Asda

For breakfast this week, I have had 2 hot cross buns with butter. I know that some people’s initial thoughts may be that hot cross buns are not an average breakfast, but an afternoon snack or something that only graces our shopping bags over Easter. But I think they are perfect for breakfast and are just a more exciting alternative to toast.

Hot Cross Buns in the Toaster

Although they may be slightly higher in calories than other breakfasts, and may seem too ‘carby’, they definitely make up for this in fullness factor. I have been having 2 buns at around 8.15am and I haven’t been noticeably hungry until about 11am when I have a banana, which keeps me going until lunch at 1pm. I am impressed with how full the hot cross buns have kept me and they are also really cheap and not very time consuming, I think they are great.

A great thing about hot cross buns for breakfast is how comforting they are. A warm, toasted treat, glossy with melted butter is enough to make any early morning feel not so bad and make a perfect partner to a hot cup of tea.

Hot Cross Buns and Butter

If I had to find a criticism, it is that bread does not last as long as other breakfasts, like cereal or eggs. But if you enjoy them as much as I have, it should be easy to consume them within a few days.

Hot Cross Buns: ****

Want to try and make your own hot cross buns?


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